The impact of social media on Italian journalism

01 Giugno 2018

Parliamo di Social Network! Sono stata intervistata da una delle laureande al Corso di Public Relations della London College of Communication proprio su questo argomento. La mia esperienza e i miei contributi sono stati raccolti nella sua tesi dal titolo “The impact of social media on Italian journalism”.

Social Network

Lo stato dei Social Network


Every social is different depending on the purpose of its use. For example, Twitter is useful for real-time or emergencies to treat or manage, it has less sense to use it for fashion or lifestyle articles. For those topics, Instagram and Facebook are better”.

And also: “Social media are an opportunity and they have to be used wisely. A journalist should always use the ethical codes of the profession. What happened in the beginning with Facebook was that everyone put the same content on different platforms. I was writing an article and I used to insert the same article on Facebook and Twitter. It was a repetition. But If I am a reader that follow you on Twitter and you share the same messages on all your social media channels, why should I follow you on all of them? It’s important to understand which social is more useful for the purpose of your profession and for your magazine and after posting different things on different social networks”.

Puoi leggere la tesi di Gaia Loglio qui.